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Medical Massage in Tulsa – What Is Medical Massage?

Medical Massage in Tulsa – What Is Medical Massage?

Medical Massage in Tulsa

What is Medical Massage

Medical massage is not just a technique. When a professional therapist is going to perform a Medical massage she/he has to know what is wrong with the patient and what problem needs to be addressed. In other words, the therapist will work on achieving a certain outcome based on a specific diagnosis.

Can a massage therapist decide what is wrong with the patient, or provide a specific diagnosis for any form of sickness? The answer is usually “No”. Before a therapist can set up an outcome goal for a specific massage treatment she/he will need to see a doctor’s recommendation, which is usually based on specific medical tests and knowledge. An experienced therapist then will be able to conduct a secondary assessment and initiate a treatment in a way, which is the best suited for any individual client and health condition.

What can Medical massage do

Medical massage can improve and cure many conditions including:

What to expect when you come for a Medical massage

As mentioned above, anybody who has one of the conditions that can be cured or improved by Medical massage will need to seek a professional advice from a doctor, or a chiropractor. Once a recommendation is issued a professional massage therapist can take it from there. Receiving a medical massage can be as pleasant as enjoying other spa treatments. However, a therapist will consult with you first and perform a secondary evaluation to see if a condition can be cured in one session, or a longer treatment plan would be required. The rest should be very easy, and you will be on your way to recovery while enjoying your day at the spa.


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